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Our Services

  • Custom built ventilation systems.
  • Laser fan alignment & computer balancing.
  • Transport & full on-site Installations / setup.
  • Rebuild & service all types if industrial/mine ventilation fans with in-stock replacement parts for most all makes & models.
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Ventilation Systems
We provide our custom built fans and services to industries such as coal, limestone, salt, zinc and formica mining, rock quarries, tunnel ventilation.
Alignment & Balancing
Our fans are laser aligned & computer balanced to reduce vibration & greatly extend service periods. Vibration is the #1 cause of fan/bearing failure.

Installation & Setup
We also handle all on-site crane services & concrete needs. We can save you time by eliminating the need to hire outside contractors to complete various aspects of installation & setup.
Rebuild & Service
We rebuild & maintain most types of mining & industrial fans with in-stock parts available with complete field services immediately available.

Paul's Repair Shop has been in the mine & ventilation business since 1958.

We are well known throughout the mining industry for our quality products that have helped transform mine efficiency & safety.

We now focus entirely on industrial ventilation systems for the mining industry & other industrial ventilation applications.

Paul's Repair Shop has the knowledge & experience to handle any ventilation need for your site. We save you time, expense, and frustration with our experienced & professional employees. This results in reducing downtime therefore allowing greater mine efficiency because we handle projects completely in house without the need for contracting outside services.

P.O. Box 61 - Big Rock, Virginia 24603 Phone: (276)530-7311 Fax: (276)530-7315
website: www.fanone.org   email: fanoneventilation@gmail.com